“Seawater to Power the World? Scientists Unveil Groundbreaking Technology for Clean Energy!”

Scientists have found a new way to make clean energy that is good for the planet. They are splitting seawater into two parts to make a special kind of gas called hydrogen.

What is Seawater? Seawater is the water that covers most of the Earth’s surface. It’s in the oceans, seas, and other large bodies of saltwater.

What is Hydrogen? Hydrogen is a gas that can be used to make energy. When hydrogen is burned, it creates heat and light. But the best part is, when it’s burned it doesn’t create any pollution or harm the environment. This is why it’s called “green” hydrogen.

How Do They Make Green Hydrogen from Seawater? Scientists use a special process called “electrolysis” to split the seawater into hydrogen and oxygen. They then use the hydrogen to make clean energy.

What’s Next? This is a big step forward in finding new ways to make clean energy. By using seawater, we have an unlimited supply of the material we need to make green hydrogen. And the more we use it, the better it is for the planet.

Stay tuned for updates as scientists continue to explore new ways to create clean and green energy for our world!

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