Scientists discover an incredible new ways to travel back in time – you won’t believe what you have to do!

As it happens, visiting the past is a breeze. You need just set the cosmos in motion.

Kurt Gödel, a well-known mathematician, was a neighbor of Albert Einstein during their time at Princeton. He was deeply interested in Einstein’s general theory of relativity, which provided and provided our current formulation of gravity. That theory links the bending and warping of space and time caused by matter and energy to the behavior of that matter and energy.

Gödel wondered whether it was possible to use relativity to go back in time. According to Einstein’s theory, which professed to offer an ultimate framework for the structure of space and time, going back in time is impossible. As a result, Gödel reasoned, it ought to be inherently disallowed by general relativity.

And Gödel found that going back in time is not a problem for general relativity. The challenge is in initiating the movement of the cosmos.

Gödel built a relatively simple and fictitious model world to demonstrate his thesis. As it spins, our cosmos has only one component: rotation. To counteract the centrifugal force of the spin and maintain cosmic stability, a negative cosmological constant is required.

Gödel discovered that it is possible to go back in time by taking a specific route around the universe as it now spins. It would need a trip of billions of light years, yet it is possible. The universe’s spin would drag you along as you traveled through it. That rotation affects not just the matter in the universe but also the fabric of space and the flow of time. Essentially, the universe’s trajectory would drastically modify your prospective future routes, making them retrace their steps.

In the end, you’d return to where you began, but from your prior era, since the speed of light would always limit your voyage.

It defies our sense of causality and leads to paradoxes if we consider the idea of time travel in reverse. Thankfully, we are safe from Gödel’s time travel issue into the past since all observations point to the fact that the universe is not spinning. However, it is still unclear why general relativity doesn’t appear to mind this implausible event. In his argument that general relativity is flawed, Gödel used the revolving universe as evidence. He may have been correct.

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