Lunar eclipse yesterday, earthquake today: Could there be a link between ?

On Wednesday, just one day after the world experienced a lunar eclipse, a 6.3-magnitude earthquake rattled the lower Himalayan area, killing at least nine people. It caused earthquakes to tear through north India and portions of Nepal, jolting many awake.

A solar eclipse and natural disasters Tribes from all across the world have long made connections between eclipses and quakes or other natural disasters. It has long been held that tragic things happen because of eclipses. There was unrest in society when the Sun or Moon abruptly disappeared from the sky, and any subsequent natural disasters were associated with the eclipse. Therefore, is there a link between lunar eclipses and earthquakes? or eclipse accompanied by disasters naturally? To start, let’s define eclipse. An eclipse, as defined by NASA, happens when a planet or moon passes through the shadow of another celestial body.

Around the Earth, the Moon travels in an orbit. The Earth circles the Sun at the same time. The Earth occasionally travels in front of the Sun and the Moon. When this occurs, Earth obscures the Moon’s usual ability to reflect sunlight. The Moon’s surface is covered by Earth’s shadow rather than light, which is what gives the Moon its shine. This is a lunar eclipse, or eclipse of the Moon. According to the space agency, a lunar eclipse can only take place when the Moon is fully illuminated. An earthquake is what? An earthquake is a significant shaking of the Earth’s surface. It is the abrupt migration of a fault line in the crust of the Earth. The trembling is brought on by the Earth’s outermost layer

The Earth is really quite active just below the surface, despite the fact that it seems to be a rather solid planet from the surface. For centuries, it was thought that since the moon’s gravitational pull causes tidal deformation of the Earth’s crust, earthquakes would result. The gravity of the Moon has an impact on Earth, according to some who assert that there is a link between eclipses and earthquakes. When we consider the various natural disasters that have struck the planet, this view becomes more believable. For instance, in 2001, Gujarat was shaken by an earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale, and that same month, sections of the world witnessed a complete moon eclipse.
according to a story from Times Now. One study, for instance, finds that during times of higher earth and ocean tides, such as during times of full or new moon, earthquakes are more likely on shallow thrust faults near the edges of continents and in (underwater) subduction zones. Lunar or solar eclipses represent, of course, special cases of full a lunar or solar tide.

Co-relation A research by Mitch Battors found that lunar phases were responsible for about 21 earthquakes, of which at least 14 were reportedly caused by the quarter phase, five by the full moon, and two by an eclipse. According to a research by the United States Geological Survey, “there have also been some minor but significant connections recorded between the semi-diurnal tides and the rate of occurrence of aftershocks in some volcanic locations, such as Mammoth Lakes.” Additionally, a number of studies have found no relationship between earthquakes and eclipses, and experts have been denying this connection for decades.

“The moon’s gravitational pull on terrestrial rocks is quite weak, and there is little evidence to support a connection between earthquakes and tides. The Galilean satellites of Jupiter and Enceladus of Saturn will be supported by such arguments, but not the Earth. In addition to tides, the theory that eclipses and earthquakes are related also holds true today. A 2021 research in Germany claims that if the location of our moon were to ever prove to be important, the link with an eclipse would be meaningless and the earthquake would occur regardless of the obscuration of celestial bodies. The study also demonstrates how astrologers benefited from this natural event. ” Eclipses were once viewed as terrible occurrences.

Dramatic upheavals occurred when the most significant light in the sky abruptly stopped shining, upsetting the whole civilization. For many years, the sight of unexpected blackness lingered in the mind. However, an earthquake causes countless fatalities and wipes out entire towns. The catastrophe was connected to a “retribution pronounced by the gods” if both tragedies occurred at the same time. Hereafter, the destiny predicted by divine prophecy came to pass. This served as a welcome affirmation of astrology’s tenets for those who practice it. More than ever, they cling to the supposed link. To enhance the impact or elevate their account’s importance, the scribes would embellish their transmission of that information.

As a result, claims about the proximity of both catastrophes are more common than they should be due to psychological selection effects. According to the article, “sooner or later there will be another earthquake close to an eclipse, and the self-proclaimed prophets will have their joy,” but scientists have disproved this theory. According to Gerard Fryer from the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology, “the Earth has about ten earthquakes of greater than magnitude 5 every day. Hence, there cannot be a link between earth and lunar eclipses.”

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