Is 5G Harmful ?

5G is the latest network of wireless technology it’s used to transmit data between appliances like mobile phones and other devices of IoT

The working principle of 5G technology is purely based on a type of energy called electromagnetic radiation, however, it is high in frequency than the previous wireless network making it faster and more efficient,

The em frequencies like those produced by 5G create an area called the electromagnetic field and some people believe that electromagnetic fields have negative health effects and they are carcinogenic

As a result, we are concerned about the adverse effect of 5G on health but they are currently known on health is linked to 5G

Every now and then on social media we can find people that cell phone can cause cancer by emitting ionization radiation

Cell phones releases radio waves which are two lion energy to remove electron and cause ionization

Proof :- place a cell phone near gigar counter and make a call you will see possibly no changes in blip cell phone emits radiation , but they only ionization radiation that can cause cancer
Cell phone radiation is radio waves where as human are natural source of ionization radiation that’s carcinogenic , means human interaction can cause much more cancer than the cell phone radiation as ionization energy change is the chemistry of the different atoms by getting electron and disturb atomic interaction of electron in human body they are genotoxics that disturb the DNA information of yourself and which makes you immune system things that your DNA is a foreign particle and enable it to kill its own DNA like your body is killing your own DNA which is taking your step towards death and that’s known as cancer

Wireless technology is evolving constantly, in every decade mobile companies release an updated version or a new generation of wireless systems, and the generations are upgraded and more advanced than the last one.

The impact of 5G in it is expected to support the increasing number of electronic devices and services including the VR appliances the remote surveillances the telesurgery self-driving car and telemedicine

However, before 5G was launched the high frequency weren’t used in mobile networks but vertically used in devices like security check and scans

The EMF of produced by anything that uses electricity this includes microwave power lines computers

To make the 5G more efficient than the previous one, it uses a method called beamforming, which senses data directly to devices unlike the previous generation with sent data signals in all directions.

Does 5G technology have any effect on your health?

According to the World health organization, the research on 5G frequency is limited but there is more research on the health effects of the electromagnetic field at the core of 5th generation 5G, however, the results are inconsistent

5G and the new coronavirus

So there’s been rumors that 5G mobile networks are associated with the new strain of coronavirus

According to rumors, 5G is said to directly spread the virus but in reality, virus spread through respiratory droplets, not the wireless network

Is 5G carcinogenic ?

For all those who are unaware of the term carcinogenic,

The substance which causes is cancer generally referred is genotoxic and have ability to damage the genetic information in your DNA

In 2011 the IARC international agency for research on cancer stated that they are possibly carcinogenic to humans the classification was determined by 30 scientists from 14 countries

To date, most studies have examined the potential link between EMF and brain cancer but the results have been inconsistent for example 27 research review on that EMF radiation from a mobile phone are associated with glioma a type of brain cancer

2018 study on other hand didn’t find a clear association between high-frequency EMF and brain tumor

Again more studies are needed to determine if 5 G frequency can contribute to cancer development

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