Are we the only living creature in the universe ?

Are we the only living creature in this universe?

The observable universe is 90 Billion light-years in diameter and 100 billion galaxies with a hundred to 1000 billion stars and the possibility of getting planets in common having Habitative conditions like the earth isn’t rare

There are millions and trillions of Habitatable planets in the universe which means there are a lot of opportunities for life to exist and develop but  Where are they? 

If they are Habitatable shouldn’t be in the universe crowded with spaceships and interstellar tourists?

Let’s dive into it

Even if their alien Civilization is in another Galaxy we will never know about them basically everything outside of our direct  galactic neighborhood  is out of our reach forever

It’s due to the fact that the universe is expanding even if we had fast spaceships it would take Billions of years, so better not to go for other Galaxies let’s check for a milky way !!

 Milky Way consists of 400 billion stars,  if you counted each of them at your fingertips it would take hundreds of lifetimes to count each of them

About 20 billion Sun-like stars  in the Milky Way and around one-fifth of them would have Earth-like planets that have Habitatable surrounding

If only 0.1% of those have the life that would be 1 million planets that have a Habitatable surroundings like earth in Milky Way

The milky way is about 13 billion years old  in the beginning it would have been a good place for life because things exploded like a nuke

After 1 to  2 billion years  the first habitable planet would have been born

Earth is only 4 billion years old so there have been brilliant chances for life to develop on other planets in the past, so there would have been thousands of Earth-like planets born before earth, a billion a year before and if a single of them would had developed the space-traveling super Civilization we would have noticed by now this Civilization would have been of 3 types

Type 1:  Who would be able to access the whole energy available on its planet on earth we are currently around 0.73 on a scale of 1 we should reach 1 somewhere in the next 200 years 

Type 2: Civilization exceeding the energy by harnessing possibly a hundred percent of its HomeStars energy this would be so  Bizzare to think but it is possible

Type 3: Those  would have been the god-like creature They would be so advanced that they could colonize the whole Galaxy in million years it’s a long time but remembers they are about millions of planets that sustain life

This would have got more time than the earth as that planet is born before the earth  so like they got more time to colonize so where are they were here when they colonized Earth yet

This is the fermi paradox and nobody has the answer to it .

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